Welcome To SIMFED-Shri Ram Organic Venture -:

In response to the current demand for organic food, organic agriculture is a rapidly growing sector of agriculture that focuses on health, ecology, fairness, and care of the farming process. The market for organic product has high potentials and offers opportunities for increasing farmer’s income and improving their livelihood looking at the above aspects the evolution of Shri Ram Agro Innovatives took place. Shri Ram Agro Innovative is a unit of Shri Ram Solvent Extraction Pvt. Ltd. is a organic producing organization in venture of SIMFED to develop sustainable agriculture. The venture is proceeded to provide safe food, quality, organic food, and healthy products to support the livelihood and well being of farmers, organized organic farming programme SIMFED – Shri Ram Organic Venture has distinct activities in organic farming and good agriculture practice area since last 2011 and Response is already encouraging. This company has employed a team of dedicated professionals from various fields to deliver knowledge and skill implementation.


Since the market of organic food and other products have been growing rapidly worldwide, our venture is also taking further steps to strengthen the marketing services along with consumers awareness and brand building of organic marketing. SIMFED being the apex marketing authority for Sikkim organics has its own wide spread networks of domestic as well as export commodities. There are further long term plans to have own retail network in all major cities. Already SIMFED had experience bulk order exports for Ginger and has its own processing plant at North Bengal.

Why Selected Organic in Odisha

Odisha is the only state who was awarded best performance state under National Horticultural Mission (NHM) for recognition of meritorious performance by the state over the past six years in general and doing best in year 2010-11 in National Horticulture Mission. Hon’able union agriculture Minister Shri Sharad Panwar awarded prize to the Director Horticulture. To get best performance and responce apted the odisha state for the organic farming and Director Horticulture provided a chance to work under his stalward leadership for Holistic growth and development of Horticulture under National Horticulture Mission(NHM).

Project Overview

Odisha NHM1 (700Ha)
District Total Farmer's Total Area
Koraput 282 573.58 Ha
Kandhmal 195 251.328 Ha

Odisha NHM2 (1000Ha)
District Total Farmer's Total Area
Koraput 246 615.961 Ha
Kandhmal ICS1 322 278.133 Ha
Kandhmal ICS2 301 274.262 Ha

Odisha NHM3 (250Ha)
District Total Farmer's Total Area
Kandhmal 336 275.457 Ha

Odisha NHM4
District Total Farmer's Total Area
Gajapati 340 500 Ha
Rayagada 444 590.06 Ha
Sambalpur 251 563.99 Ha